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Will Spence preserved this archived website for use in his popular Don't Fall For It book and lectures on get rich quick schemes. The internet is full of bogus techniques to earn easy money by experts who make outrageous claims - Mr. Spence debunks them all in his humorous and enlightening presentation. He is also a legitimate marketer by trade and has a number of awards proving his effectiveness. Most recently, he teamed with Fashion Force to promote a Batman themed online retailer,, where the focus is on high quality Batman attire including t shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts. The most popular products are the Batman t shirts, especially the gorgeous sublimated prints which are known for the vibrant colors and fine detail. Check them out and see why he often wears a Batman t shirt when conducting his seminars. He is sometimes seen driving his golf cart which he refers to as the "Batmobile" which is decorated with stickers of the Joker, Robin, the Penguin, Harley Quinn, and other characters from Batman's past. The walls of his apartment are covered with Batman movie posters. But he's much more than a fan of the Dark Knight. Will is also president of the Web Dev Association, an organization devoted to sharing information of the best practices for website developers.


In 2003 Randy Gilbert created this site.
Content is from the site's 2002-2004 archived pages which should be treated in its historical context.

Now, You Can Learn the Inside Secrets 
To SuccessHappiness and Prosperity
As Revealed by Proactive Leaders, Celebrities, 
and World-Class Authors and Speakers

Turn on your speakers tune into our Current Show and you will hear exciting guests who share their inside stories of humble beginnings, set backs, and failures on their road to triumph, fame, and fortune

   And more importantly, you will learn priceless Inside Success SecretsTips, and Strategies, that you can use right away to bring happiness and prosperity into you own life.

  My Guests Want You to Be Successful!

   The guests who are chosen to be interviewed on The Inside Success Show are experts who want to give you their inside success secrets, tips, and strategies so you will be able to achieve the same kind of success that they now enjoy.



Meet Your Host ... Randy "Dr. Proactive" Gilbert

Randy Gilbert, Host, The Inside Success Show

   Hi, I'm Randy Gilbert, a consultant, coach, and expert in the field of "Being Proactive" and I often go by the moniker "Dr. Proactive."  I've been researching what it takes to be successful and you can benefit from what I've learned by reading the ezine I publish called Proactive Success: The True Pathway to Authentic Abundance.

   I've also written a best-selling book, Success Bound: Breaking Free of Mediocrity and hundreds of other proactive success articles, reports, and products. 

   You can also become a Best Selling Author, by learning the strategy for selling lots of books online. You'll find it at

   I firmly believe that "Success Starts on the Inside" with our thinking. I developed this radio show so you and I can learn from highly successful people (the most proactive people) as they share their Inside Success Secrets, Tips, and Strategies.

   The word "Proactive" is fairly new (you won't find it in most hard cover dictionaries). The concept "Be Proactive" was identified by Stephen Covey as the First Habit of Highly Successful People. But Covey was like Ben Franklin and his contemporaries, who know about electricity, but didn't know how to use it.  As Dr. Proactive, I want to be more like Thomas Edison, who came along and made tools, like the electric light bulb, motors, and generators, for using electricity.  Like Edison, I intend to make success, abundance, and joy available to every man, women, and child by teaching them how to "Be Proactive" and use "Proactivator Tools�."   

   I love to speak and inspire people to "Be Proactive." If that is what you want for your employees or members of your organization, please give me a call 888-58-DR.PRO(ACTIVE).



 "The Inside Success Show"
Presents to You ...

Bruce Rector

    Randy Gilbert  was privileged to interview Bruce Rector 
 on "
The Inside Success Show."  

   The topic for this interview is "Being Inspired to Lead" which is a key factor to success in life and I believe is one of the most worthy aspirations of a proactive person and should be scheduled into your week. 

   This special guest says that, "the speed at which things move and change today means that Monday mornings have often become more stressful and intense, yet, if you face the new week armed with solid strategies that inspire and motivate you, you'll have a huge advantage."

   If you want to feel a renewed power at the beginning of your week, rather than being overcome by a worrisome world, then I highly recommend you give your attention to this fun and fascinating expert who will tell us how. 

    Randy had the pleasure of interviewing Bruce Rector, author of "Monday Morning Messages: Teaching, Inspiring, and Motivating to Lead." 

   As a speaker, author, facilitator and moderator, Bruce Rector teaches, inspires and motivates people of all ages to become better business, government, community and family leaders. Bruce has a homespun style of sharing humorous and uplifting stories from his personal life and from his extensive travel and work with young leaders from over 100 countries and his messages not only teach and inspire, but also motivate people to make life and career changing decisions.

   Bruce was the 58th President of JCI (Junior Chamber Int'l), a 200,000 member organization of young leaders and entrepreneurs from 110 countries. In 2003 he traveled to nearly 50 countries as JCI World President. In every presentation he makes, Bruce shares his practical tips for improving personal and organizational performance in an entertaining way that leaves the audience energized and ready for action. 

   In 1990, Bruce received a Juris Doctorate from the University of Kentucky and currently practices law in Kentucky, where he lives with his wife Tabitha and his son Trevor.

Bruce Rector gave lots of secrets, tips, and strategies  during this interview, and you can hear many, many more from other equally wise guests, (with true secrets to success), when you . . .   Become a GOLD Member.


Our Guests Love The Show And Want You To Be Successful!

   "What a great show! I don't think I have ever had more fun and wonderful interaction as I did on The Inside Success Show.  These guys really know their stuff and also know how to bring out the best in their guests to make their listening audience pay attention. Watch for this show to make it to the BIG TIME!"

-- Debbie Allen,  Who's Who of Marketing Experts & Author of "Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters & Confessions of Shameless Internet Promoters"

   "Randy, I got such a high from being on your show. Your questions got right to the heart of what made me successful. It's a rare skill that will make your show a treasure to every success minded person."

-- Michael Angier,  Founder and President, Success Networks International

   "Randy puts on an engaging show. I love his proactive approach. That's works for me, and anyone else who wants to be successful."

-- Mark Mathis,  President of Mathis Media, LLC and author of the best-seller "Feeding The Media Beast"

   "Randy, thanks for all you did to make me shine. Your questions were targeted, you let me do the talking and you were genuinely interested in having your audience understand the PR message of Promote and Prosper. I had a wonderful time. Big hugs to you and thanks for the opportunity."

-- Raleigh Pinskey, Pick My Brain PR Bootcamp and author of "101 Ways To Promote Yourself"

   "Randy Gilbert's 'The Inside Success Show' is a dynamic combination of inspiration and information, as he and his guests provide motivation, tips, and resources so the listeners can reach the success they so desire."

-- Priscilla Y. Huff,  author of "The 101 Best Home-Based Businesses for Women  (3rd Ed.)" and "The Self-Employed Woman's Guide to Launching a Home-Based Business"

   "I loved Randy's energy and enthusiasm. A great interviewer and host.

-- Mershon Niesner, Certified Co-active Business Coach

   "Thanks so much for having me on your show. What a super experience - this 
was one of the best interviews I did all year - you are wonderful. I can't wait 
to do you again after you go NATIONAL!"

-- Rick Frishman,  author of the "Guerrilla Marketing for Writers" and "Guerrilla Publicity"

   "Randy, thank you for a magnificent interview! You made the entire process easy, comfortable, and you made me look brilliant! I've been interviewed many times, and your ability to ask just the right questions at the perfect time is unequaled. Your pacing, your ability to summarize and smoothly move on to the next major point made the interview a delight - and VERY effective!"

-- Philip Humbert,  prolific author, dynamic public speaker, and success strategist. Visit his website for tools and resources for your success! It's all at: 

   "Thank you for having me on your show. It was Awesome being interviewed by someone as deep and sensitive as you. I love "The Inside Success Show"

-- Fauna Hodel, Exec. Producer of the movie "Pretty Hattie's Baby"

   "Randy is a great interviewer. His passion for The Inside Success Show really helps those of us being interviewed to bring out our best. I also enjoy listening to other experts they are interviewing. I believe this is what radio was meant to be for. Tune in if you want to become more successful in your own lives. By the way, download the MP3 files of all the guests and listen while you drive or workout."

-- Bob Choat, C.Ht.,  author of the upcoming book "The Inspired Warrior"

   "Randy Gilbert is Dr. Proactive! His pro-activity in preparation for our appearance created a stress free environment which led to a lively, engaging, and dynamic interview on the Inside Success Show. We were able to lift the veil on the fallacy of the divorce rate, share romantic tips and techniques for couples to inoculate themselves against divorce, and unlock the powerful benefits of a healthy marriage. From the planning, to the relaxed pre-show banter, to the insightful interview questions Randy's energy, enthusiasm, and panache won the day. Bravo!"

-- Kevin and Joy Decker,  co-authors of the Dating Bestseller 'Romantic Antics: Creative Ideas for Successful First Dates, Adventurous Saturday Nights, and Playful Long Weekends' and co-creators of